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Here's a nice piece of press from the November 12th Queens Chronicle...Follow the link for the full article...


Band goes a little acoustic, still rock-ā€™nā€™-roll 1

Band goes a little acoustic, still rock-ā€™nā€™-roll 2


Join us for a Brick Moon show this Saturday Night at the Irish Whiskey Bar in Astoria...

It's a free triple bill that's sure to please.

See the flyer below and check the Calendar page for details.

See you there!

The Concentrics have created a new pared-down acoustic spinoff called Brick Moon. The reinvented setting--acoustic guitar and string bass with the two vocalists--gives the Concentrics' road-tested classic/indie/prog rock songs a whole new twist. The listener is invited to lean in a little closer, allowing for a fresh and intimate view into the more rootsy, bluesy, and singer-songwriterly places they come from. 


Below is a little clip from Fox 5 News about the Astoria Music Now! Festival and After Party in August, featuring live video of The Concentrics back in the day...Enjoy...


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